Fluorescent know to chelate

How It's Made

We've developed the largest stepping stone in fluorescent imaging dyes.

Delivering Rinclos high contrasting fluorescent signals when imaged through PET/CT Scans has been the light at the end of the tunnel.
This is the first fluorescent imaging dye that has both full body detection with its fluorescence and is the first of Imaging fye that has shown clear signs of the removal of tissues with precision through photodynamic therapy

Here's a free download of an article with the details that have created  the next generation of Scientific technology that have both medical oncologist and research laboratories apllication

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Brain Scans
The most effective results

Everything we do we believe in developing the most advanced imaging technologies vailable, We believe in scientific innovation.

The way we develop medical technologies is by making our product properties stronger in fluorescence, Long lasting through the entire body, and availble to individual and research laboratories.

Traditional Library
Changing the standards of care

We believe assisting the fields such as oncology, radiology, and deeper laboratory research will yield the highest return of information needed to accurately detect and monitor cancer in the almost all patience.​

We plan to double down on this goal by making the Dye available to almost anyone.

We hope that byproviding access to the dye the buyer the too will help us gain a deeper insight on how it can be used to eradicate cancer through photodynamic therapy.
We are also looking forward to see how bright Rinclo truly is in the many different fields of experiments and research to rise to the new Standards of Technology.

Rinclo believes in the number one solution for advancement in Technology.
Our imaging dye proves again and again to be one of the most highly contrasted imaging dyes long term. We pride ourselves on the results we've produced and will be producing to make changes in the science ecosystem today and in the future of our company's experiments to better advance the sciences of radiology.

Rinclo was founded by Junior Gonzales in New York City with the purpose of creating a technology that stands to be the next level in Imaging, His beliefs come from the next generation of thinking outside the box and using his knowledge as a vessel to acquire his achievements and success in his academic and personal life.

With this compound, we open the doors for many laboratories that focus on improving oncologists, radiologists,s and experimental research associations to answer pivotal questions of its clinical use.

Rinclo in its essence has a single-molecule tracking and is well known for its in vivo studies found below.

-The Download Below provides information on Rinclo and the goals we plan began with the goals we have currently achieved and what we will do to win in their future to come.

What We've Got Planned


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